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Church In Society

First Congregational Church is dedicated not only to charitable mission work but also to transforming the world into a more just and loving place. The heart of Jesus’s message was proclaiming the coming kingdom of God where all would be provided for and peace would reign. For us at First Congregational, we hear Jesus’ words as a call to action. Part of our vocation as Christians is advocacy with state, local, and national governments and activism on behalf of social justice issues.

We have been involved in The Metropolitan Organization, the local branch of the Industrial Areas Foundation, and one of our members served as an early president of that organization. We have also been involved in the Houston Peace and Justice Center and have hosted peace camps on our church campus where kids can learn about non-violence and peaceful co-existence. First Congregational has long been a strong advocate for LGBT rights and we have a booth at the gay pride festival every June.

If you are looking for a church that cares about social justice and is willing to work for it, come join us.
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