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Youth Education

Youth Education Teenagers today face a confusing and stressful world, made more difficult by social pressures and the need to achieve. Church can provide a safe place for thoughtful reflection on moral issues and a place to make friends outside of school. At First Congregational we encourage youth to ask questions and to find their own voice as they wrestle with faith issues.

Our Youth Leadership Team works to insure that our youth are having fun, examining and challenging their faith, and gaining a broader awareness of their world through mission and service. Classes are separated into Junior and Senior High classes, although they often meet together for lessons, field trips, lock-ins, and fundraisers. The groups meet from 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM each Sunday.

The youth education program is structured to include social justice awareness through projects and community involvement. Youth are invited to participate in fundraisers throughout the year to raise money for summer mission trips. Fundraising events include hosting the Rally (Ice Cream) Sundae Bar, FCC Game Night, Chili cook-Off, Pilgrim Café at the Pilgrim Festival in November and our Annual Car Wash in May. In 2016, the youth are planning to travel to Orlando, Florida for the National Youth Event of the United Church of Christ!
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