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First Congregational Church of Houston Music

The Meeting House Choir Battered or bored by the music you often hear in church? At First Congregational, you'll sing from a hymnal revised to include words you can sing with enthusiasm. September through May, you'll hear the kind of choir musicians like to join, a handbell choir that plays monthly and music that ranges from traditional to modern and from classical cantatas to spirituals.

Each year you can attend a free piano concert offered by members who are professional musicians and composers.
Decibells When visiting us, you can also sing from Hymns of Truth and Light, now in its tenth printing. More then 100 churches throughout the country have adopted it. Published in 1998, the hymnal got its start under the leadership of then music director Maggi Tucker, well known composer of hymns and handbell music. A blend of the old and the new, Hymns of Truth and Light complements the worship service and provides a sound underpinning for every occasion.

At FCC, we are serious about our music. Although we work hard, we enjoy bringing great music to worship. There's always room for new members, and we welcome you to join us as we use music to connect with God.

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